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About Karen Boyd

Nature and the natural world I experience living in the Southern California foothills are expressed thru out my jewelry design and art. Making jewelry and art is a truly meditative practice for me. I am currently creating a series of hand made silver and copper pendants with an emphisis on the wildlife I am surrounded by. I have also been busy creating mixed media assemblage art inspired currently by the crow family that has befriended me.


Rich yet airy pieces are what I like to create in my jewelry. I love to bring many different materials together to create a piece. Designing with stones that naturally play with light is something I am drawn too. I only use sterling silver or 14 Kt GF in the jewelry I create.


My background in scientific illustration and molecular modeling seems to carry over in to the jewelry pieces I create. Patterning, sequencing and mathematics play a part in every piece I create. 

I have an art education from California Polytechnic University and Otis Parsons Art Institute in Los Angeles, California.  I worked as an Art Director and Illustrator prior to moving to Texas years ago to own and operate a small horse farm. I have been a lifelong equestrian. My husband, basset hound, Beau and I currently live in Coto De Caza, California.

Why the name Kelleensea?

I'm the mother of three wonderful creative girls, Kelli, Colleen and Chelsea. The name is a fusion of all their names. They have been instrumental in making me a happy human.