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Built in 1915!
About Karen Boyd

Nature and the wildlife I am surrounded by in the Southern California foothills are expressed thru out my jewelry design. I have recently been creating a series of hand made silver and copper cuffs that show a glimspe of native animals in their natural habitat. I also create whimsical  animal and stone pendants. Putting together many different stones and various metals into one individual piece is exciting work for me in the creative process. Many of these pieces take an exceptionally long time to design and create and are a true labor of love. 

I have an art education from California Polytechnic University and Otis Parsons Art Institute in Los Angeles, California.  I worked as an Art Director and Illustrator prior to moving to Texas years ago to own and operate my small horse farm. I was a lifelong equestrian until the last horse I bought decided he needed the wide open spaces of Texas to roam and I shipped him back. My husband, basset hound, Beau and I currently live in Coto De Caza, California.

Why the name Kelleensea?

I'm the mother of three wonderful creative girls, Kelli, Colleen and Chelsea. The name is a fusion of all their names. They have been instrumental in making me a happy human.


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